Taroverse Enters Stage of Active, Promising P2E Income

Taroverse is a metaverse and move-to-earn game promising three more mini-games down the line in addition to Tarogotchi.
  • TARO still highly illiquid depends on PancakeSwap for most of its liquidity.
  • Tarogotchi currently offers move-to-earn income.
  • TARO token to be valuable for upcoming NFT lottery.

Taroverse, which recently introduced its Tarogotchi game, is receiving evidence of increasing P2E income. At least in the short term, this new game may be profitable, though still in bear market conditions. 

The Taroverse game is in its second season of the Alpha release. Access to the game is through a download, with BSC earnings options. The game has issued a Taroverse (TARO) token, still present in just 3,336 addresses. 

The TARO token is still a new arrival, but there are claims the game may be making significant income even at this stage. 

TARO remains a very illiquid token, trading at $0.02. The asset only has one trading pair on PancakeSwap, and may not have enough trading activity to support its price in case of selling. The game is also just starting out, with players competing for additional rewards during social media events. 

However, TARO earned in the game may be more valuable down the line. The token may buy more rare NFT and game items, especially after the beta stage launches. In the future, the Taroverse will include three new games scheduled to launch soon. June was expected to be a big month for Tarogotchi, with rewards to win for holding TARO and participating in an NFT lottery. 


The chief advantage of TARO is the early adoption opportunity. But on the other hand, early token earners will either have to use their asset in the game, or stake BSC and BUSD along with TARO to boost its liquidity. Down the line, players may hope for in-game ownership based on still relatively high early TARO earnings. As a move-to-earn game, Taroverse and Tarogotchi may repeat the model of other similar games, which offered very high earnings in the beginning.

The Taroverse is an immersive 3D game with a large metaverse map. Additionally, Taroverse hopes to host mini-games to increase playing capabilities. Tarogotchi combines the metaverse model with move-to-earn, similar to Genopets. Players use the wide Taroverse map to train and walk their pet in exchange for rewards.

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