Taroverse to Add Newly Announced Tarogotchi Move-to-Earn Game

The Taroverse is an open world with clubs, mini-games, NFT boxes and a singe-token economy based on TARO.

Taroverse is trying to disrupt the P2E model with its recent new addition – move-to-earn. Tarogotchi, the new game, appeared a couple of weeks ago, combining movement tracking with a virtual pet game. The Taroverse is still in development, with closed alpha testing coming soon. For now, the Taroverse is mostly busy with forming smart contracts, while also building up its metaverse. The game downloads are not yet active. 

The game mixes real and simulated movement and has a metaverse element. Clubs and special locations will add to the game’s interest. 

This move-to-earn sub-game will have multiple mechanics. At the core, motion tracking will provide the virtual pet’s daily walk and will be the chief necessary element of the game. In the Taroverse, that same pet will be animated and follow the player around. 

All the various games in the Taroverse share the same open-world map, a magical island, where users can have a quest game, a chess-like puzzle and a PvE battle game against simulated monsters. The Taroverse will aim to be a multi-chain game universe, starting with Binance Smart Chain. DappRadar still has unreliable information on the number of players on the platform.

What is the TARO Token

The game universe is well-developed and the TARO token carries the entire single-token economy. TARO began trading about a week ago, and is in a stage of price discovery. TARO moved between $0.02 and $0.06, setting in the middle with a price of $0.04.

The TARO price discovery still hinges on PancakeSwap, with limited liquidity. The Taroverse aims to be a play-and-earn project, relying on its game experience and quests to keep players returning. 

At least in the initial stages, TARO will only offer very limited returns. However, the game has other sources of achievement once it releases its intended mini-games inside the greater metaverse. 

The TARO token has limited data, but will have a total supply of 2B. Due to very early trading, the current circulating supply is still untracked. TARO will be earned from in-game activities like farming, as well as from leaderboards, blind boxes, quests, events and other game elements.

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