The Sandbox Passes for Alpha Season 2: Grab One Soon

The Sandbox will open Season 2 Alpha soon, with chances to earn early game passes.

After a few weeks of expectation, The Sandbox finally released its next batch of alpha passes for potential early test players. The next season for The Sandbox will start on March 3, with a few more days to secure a pass.

The Sandbox is now opening several gateways to getting that alpha pass. The Sandbox has opened 200 quests to complete for the chance of getting an alpha pass. This time, the game will have 35 total new experiences and will onboard double the number of players. 

The game passes can be earned throughout the month of March, with daily social media challenges as one of the chances to win. 

The Alpha Season 2 will showcase recently built metaverse worlds and NFT collections of some of the most prominent partners of The Sandbox. One of the early perks will be the Snoop Dog NFT collection. As with the first season, playing The Sandbox will also grant SAND tokens as a reward. 

The Alpha Season 2 passes for The Sandbox can also be resold. However, the game team warns against attempts to buy game passes on OpenSea. In the future, there will be an official verified link to game passes, to avoid scams and confusion. 

SAND Token Awaits Recovery

The SAND native asset still awaits recovery, despite the increased exposure over the weekend. 

SAND traded at $2.92, still failing on the expected track of recovering the $5 range. For now, the pre-season announcements are yet to lift up The Sandbox social media hype. Currently, Decentraland is still at the top in terms of social media mentions.

However, the SAND asset enjoyed an uptick in searches in the past week, as a potential opportunity for fast gains after the price bottomed out.

On OpenSea, The Sandbox is also displaced by NFT Worlds and World Wide Webb Land in terms of the prices commanded for metaverse land plots and activity in the past few days.

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