The Sandbox (SAND) on Coinbase: Special Reward Event Now Open

The Sandbox hosts multiple NFT collections, event creators and architecture studios, becoming a leading metaverse game.
  • Each $100 SAND purchase gives chance of winning more prizes.
  • The Sandbox hosts new NFT collections almost daily.
  • Snoop Dog owners to receive $1M in SAND as bonuses.

The Sandbox (SAND) gained another adoption milestone after trading opened on Coinbase. SAND is now fully listed on one of the world’s biggest brokerages, gaining both liquidity and exposure. 

US-based traders will participate in a challenge to distribute $100K in SAND. One participation ticket is granted for each $100 in SAND purchased.

SAND is also a curiosity in P2E space, as the game has a long history and widespread partnerships, but had to wait for a Coinbase listing. At the same time, newly arrived games like STEPN (GMT) or tokens like Apecoin (APE) gained immediate listings. However, the Sandbox game may also add to its popularity, which has been restricted to players and not so much to cryptocurrency traders on Coinbase. 

The Sandbox Lines Up NFT Mints, Mini-Games

The Sandbox is now attracting attention through more series of NFT mints with exclusive images and themes. The latest partnership is with Flicky Gang, an interaction of NFT images with the real world. 

Older NFT holders for the Snoop Dog collection will also look forward to more rewards, of $1M in SAND tokens. 

Additionally, the Sandbox metaverse allows for venue creation and mini-games. Even 1X1 plots may be used for building up challenges like the Pickaxe Master. 

The Sandbox also plans to welcome the creation of events from third parties, in addition to already established metaverse games and venues. The Sandbox also partners with OUTR Studios, a dedicated team with blueprints for metaverse projects. 

SAND Token Holds Above $1.30

The SAND token only got a small boost, rallying to around $1.32. SAND has spent the past month around that level, with choppy trading while tracking the rest of the cryptocurrency price movements.

SAND remains uncertain with potential for both a bigger breakout and a deeper crash due to fears of a bear market. SAND is still a staple among top gaming tokens by market capitalization. Most SAND trading happens on Binance, and Coinbase still carries under 1% of trading activity.

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