The Sandbox Opens Tools for Event Building in the Metaverse

The Sandbox is a long-running project with 10 years of building that only recently added blockchain capabilities to tap demand for P2E games.
  • RLTY creative collective to offer land estate, event-building tools for metaverse meetings.
  • The Sandbox to unveil LAND roadmap this May 20.
  • SAND sinks to $1.31 on worsened market conditions.

The Sandbox has been known for its regular exclusive metaverse events. Until recently, event building was set aside for big brands with help from the game’s team. Now, The Sandbox releases a package to help anyone build metaverse events. 

The feature will be developed by RLTY Live, a newly emerged studio for early Metaverse enthusiasts.

The goal is for The Sandbox to open a no-coding solution to building and launching metaverse events.

RLYT will build the tool for application in some of the already available through its own metaverse land plot. The studio has a 6X6 estate on the Sandbox map and will offer it as temporary estate for various brands. The advantage is that not everyone would be willing to buy and hold metaverse land plots in order to run special events.

The Sandbox and its supporters also potentially see events as an even bigger source of interest and earnings compared to gaming. Events with special NFT tickets or passes may drive the game’s adoption. 

LAND Roadmap Arrives May 20

The Sandbox will be raising the importance of owning LAND tokens, especially those for bigger land plots.

LAND owners will be able to receive predetermined SAND airdrops next week. Additional staking mechanisms for LAND will also be available. In June, land can also be migrated to the Polygon network. LAND ownership will be the chief source of events, giveaways, NFT drops, raffles and other special features in the coming months. 

The Sandbox also hinted at launching Season 3 soon, opening some of the playgrounds to the wider public. The Sandbox is active during seasons but registers very few users on its smart contracts. 

The Sandbox remains among top sellers and resellers of digital land. Plots still command a floor price of 1.69 ETH, making the game more suitable for big players and brands. Despite its success with tokens in the past year, The Sandbox as a game recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, making it one of the projects where blockchain technology was a relatively late addition.

SAND, the native token, however, failed to rally to predicted levels as high as $10. Instead, SAND is now down to $1.31 on pressure from generally sliding P2E tokens.

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