Thetan Arena Prepares for New Short-Term Tournament

Thetan Arena aims to bring accessible Web3 gaming with a dynamic MMORPG battle game.
  • Thetan Arena has short-term and exclusive events with varied rewards or prize pools.
  • The game is one of the most searched among P2E hubs.
  • Players can buy Heroes at relatively low prices, or receive a free starter pack.

Thetan Arena, one of the games gaining the most attention, is preparing for another short-term tournament with a prize pool. The next event is the 12th edition weekend tournament, which will distribute a prize pool of 200 USDC.

Thetan Arena is also famous for its regional tournaments with a special focus on Africa and a dedicated server. In addition to the short-term event, registration is also open for the TWT tournament with a bigger prize pool.

The game is also running a lucky draw challenge for a series of small tasks and a login streak on the Thetan Hero marketplace. In partnership with Fizen, the lucky draw will award an iPhone 14 to one winner.

Thetan Arena is also introducing three new skins in a week, as part of its bid to offer variation for its heroes. 

Thetan Arena remains one of the busier games, with 2,441 Heroes traded through the game’s native marketplace. Additional Heroes and pass NFT are offered on OpenSea. Players can also start with a free Welcome Box, of which 15,000 are given away each week. Boxes contain Heroes with varied values based on drop rates. 

Boxes are sold for THC, the game’s native token, with Epic pricing at 2,200 THC or around $6.80. Thetan Arena is one of the relatively accessible games even when acquiring a Hero NFT. The game also regularly encourages hero fusion, burns or trading in special events. 

A new trading challenge is also coming on October 22, to encourage swapping Heroes. Thetan Arena also has daily challenges and encourages daily game logins. 

THC Tokens Offer Short-Term Earnings, Staking

Currently, THC, the game’s token, is near three-month lows, trading at $0.003, down from a previous peak at $0.005. THC remains near its lower range, though this does not stop the game from continuing with different approaches to rewards.

THG, the game’s staking token, now hovers around $0.08. THG is meant for high-yield staking and has a fixed supply, ensuring scarcity. However, the asset has slid from peaks above $18.40.

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