Thetan Arena Expands with Africa Server, Tournaments

Thetan Arena will open a server for African players, where some of the most active tournaments are happening.
  • Thetan Arena entered Summer Mode, offering exclusive tournaments, events and giveaways.
  • THG down to $0.09, putting tokenomics in question.
  • Game registered 24M downloads since November.

Thetan Arena is one of the leading MOBA and brawler games, popular for organizing regular tournaments. This summer, Thetan Arena is offering a series of events and NFT, the latest one ending this June 22. 

Thetan Arena has an active roadmap for the months ahead and is one of the games to watch in Q3. Recently, a server dedicated to African players was opened to host the growing number of tournaments.

Thetan Arena launched during peak P2E times in November, and claims to have achieved 24M downloads until now. The game aims to offer tournaments in South America as well, to expand its global footprint. 

One of the important sources of P2E income is THG staking, which is one of the boosters for token adoption. At current levels, THG trades at $0.09, a far reach from the peak above $19 at the end of 2021. However, this allows for more accessible entry into the game, including for staking and buying Thetan NFT. 

Recently, Thetan Arena also completed another fusion event, which decreased the number of Thetans available and introduced higher-grade playable characters. Most Thetan Arena NFT are resold within the game’s internal store, with only limited items making their way to OpenSea.

Thetan Arena recently completed the Helios e-sports tournament, planning similar events in the future. The team has already set aside $500,000 in various tokenized rewards for its Guild Accelerator program, aiming to boost the number of guilds offering Thetan Arena to their scholars.

Thetan Arena Offers Long-Term Outlook

Thetan Arena is produced by Wolffun Games, a studio based in Vietnam that has already produced Tank Raid and Heroes Strike, which are widely downloaded and promoted on Google App Store. Those two games gave rise to the decision to expand with Thetan Arena and dedicate an 80-person team to game and cryptocurrency development.

The big advantage of Thetan Arena is the relatively completed game product. Thetan Arena is here to stay, possibly outlasting the bear market conditions. The current token price offers an easier entry point though not overpromising on returns.

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