Thetan Arena Sets Ambitious Plans as GameFi Hub Brand

Thetan Arena THG staking may give early access to token sales.
  • Thetan Arena joined Binance Academy for GameFi education and earnings.
  • Yield Guild Games seeks most talented scholars for Thetan Arena tournaments.
  • THG staking offers early access to new token sales.

Thetan Arena, one of the more prominent multiplayer P2E games, is trying to expand its influence. The game became a partner to Binance Academy, exposing its potential as a GameFi hub. Thetan Arena has plans to branch out to multiple fandoms and shift its game model to e-sports, events or metaverse experiences. 

Thetan Arena brings in less than 5K players on average, but has a significant value locked, $369.2K in notional value, due to the DeFi aspect of the game. At the same time, the native token, Thetan Arena (THG) sank from peaks above $20 in November 2021 down to $0.15 pressured by the months of sinking prices for all crypto assets.

But the price action has not stopped the project from expanding. Thetan Arena plans multiple new content improvements with a summer theme.

Additionally, Thetan Arena will add the long-awaited NFT fusion mechanic, where characters can combine to produce an overpowered Thetan with higher potential value. Thetan Arena avatars are more rarely traded on OpenSea, which only recently started to serve BSC projects.

How Thetan Arena Aims to Boost Engagement

Thetan Arena is also an avatar-driven game, boosting engagement with cosmetic items and skins. This will allow players to recreate a version of already owned NFT avatars, including the legendary Crypto Punks and Bored Apes. The game also organized the Rise of Helios event, aiming to copy the fantasy sports model within its gaming context.

Earlier, Thetan Arena introduced THG staking, allowing for passive income and early access to other token sales. Thetan Arena also has special programs for guilds, creators and investors, offering acceleration and exclusive access to tools.

Yield Guild Games is boosting Thetan Arena by selecting some of the best scholars to represent this top guild in upcoming tournaments.

Thetan Arena is also boosting its brand on social media. However, this does not reflect the potential game earnings. One of the most recent offers from Thetan Arena is early participation in Balthazar DAO, an organization that will offer mass access to popular P2E games.

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