Tiny World Rises to the Top 10 of Web3 Games, Runs Free NFT Event

Tiny World Heroes are key to success in the game. Now more Heroes can be deployed to sections of land to create battle teams.
  • Tiny World is a metaverse-style game with battles and rare NFT Heroes.
  • The game runs a special giveaway event until December 6.
  • Tiny World is the top 6 game on BNB Chain and Game of the Week selected by the Wombat ecosystem.

Tiny World, one of the up-and-coming Web3 games, has optimized some of its features after launching a new version. Tiny World is part of a package of fantasy RPG and mini-games, aiming to build a metaverse of rare characters. The game collection includes Tiny Kingdom, Tiny Farm, Tiny Dungeons and full functionalities to trade NFT. 


This is the first upgrade since the game’s launch about three months ago. The major change is the increased ease of deploying multiple Heroes to a territory. Other changes try to calibrate the game’s P2E and in-game purchase model based on the TINC token price. Tiny Coin (TINC) trades at $0.039 and has lost about 30% of its value in a month, affecting the game’s economy.

Tiny World is also centered around its NFT collection and is currently offering a contested auction. For two more days, players can bid for a very rare character, Albertus. The highest bid reached 11,000 TINC tokens, with two more days left. The game team also has another rare NFT auction lined up after the Albertus Hero is sold to the highest bidder.

Tiny World Works for Bigger Impact

Tiny World reached a rank among the top 10 of BNB Chain games. The game is unusual in that its activity picked up during the bear market and has remained high and steady. Tiny World invites as many as 23K players per day, as reported based on BNB Chain contracts. Tiny World has also joined the top 10 of Web3 and P2E games, drawing in more players compared even to Axie Infinity.

Tiny World was recently picked as one of the top games of the week in the Wombat ecosystem. 


The Tiny World game is worth watching for potential early access and special giveaway events. Tiny World is also gaining extra advantage, after the addition of BNB Chain NFT to OpenSea. Now, all the game’s rare Heroes and items can also be listed on the leading NFT marketplace.

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