Tiny World: Hours Left Until Season 34 Starts

Tiny World is a fully live app with a free version, as well as NFT marketplace and multiple potential sources of tokenized income.
  • Tiny World brings the next season for Tiny Kingdom, one of its main games.
  • Tiny World lines up among top games on BNB Chain, often reaching top 5.
  • The game is among the completed P2E games with a balanced model of earnings and a free version.

Tiny World, one of the live P2E games, is preparing for a new round of rewards. Season 34 is starting in less than 48 hours and Tiny Worlds will gain visibility as one of the complete Web3 ecosystems with P2E elements. 


Tiny World is one of the games that manages to bring significant player inflows during active seasons and special events. Even pre-season, Tiny World brings in 20.68K players, lining up among top 10 games on BNB Chain.

What Makes Tiny World Thrive

Tiny World is just one part of a complete product portfolio, including Tiny Kingdom, Tiny Dungeons, Tiny Farm and other Tiny Games. Each of the sub-games offers a different tool for using NFT and getting rewards from the game. 

Tiny World uses the well-liked sandbox model, while other installments rely on resource grinding, bird’s eye view civilization building or simulated farming. The game requires the usage of NFT, which can be bought using BUSD or BNB tokens. 

Tiny World is also one of the few completed games to be included on the Steam platform, targeting traditional gamers with its product. Tiny World is also available as free-to-play, offering quests with a side-view maze and dungeon exploration. 

How Tiny World Uses Web3 Technology

The Tiny World family of games uses an approach similar to Mobox. Players can choose to pick an avatar and use the special powers available to get a boost in the game. 

Tiny World even has regular token burns, similar to Mobox, to help the value of its native token, TINC.


The game is also dedicated to securing enough rewards and incentives to keep up its player count. Players can earn extra energy to replenish their NFT hero, by logging in daily. 


All the Tiny World games require the usage of MetaMask wallet, connected to Binance Smart Chain. This puts Tiny World into the group of older P2E games, which still do not have seamless wallet integration. The game uses 31 smart contracts for its NFT, tokens and other ownable objects and assets.

The game also brings constant mini-campaigns and challenges, as well as the potential to have lower fees for better game performance.

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