Trickshot Blitz Becomes Top 10 Web3 Game with New Challenge Season

Trickshot Blitz offers a simulated pool table game, challenging players to perform complex trickshots.
  • Trickshot Blitz is one of the mini-games by the Joyride hub.
  • The game is drawing in users with a hot referral program.
  • Joyride plans six more Web3 mini-games in the coming months.

Trickshot Blitz rallied to become the sixth most active blockchain game, based on DappRadar charts. Trickshot Blitz combines a highly active app with on-chain activity, registering 26.2K players per day. The app itself already has more than 1M downloads, making it among the most successful Web3 games that also target traditional gamers. 

Now, Trickshot Blitz is trending again as it enters another peak playing season. The game displaced previous leaders, and climbed to positions previously taken by Axie Infinity and other top P2E games.

Trickshot Blitz also relies on a system of referrals, further boosting its activity on social media. Briefly, Trickshot Blitz climbed into the top 5 of Web3 games, reflecting a short-term peak of user interest.

The game is already spending a longer time among top projects and may become a Web3 game to watch in Q4. 

Trickshot Blitz Offers a Simple E-sports Game

The main gameplay for Trickshot Blitz is to grab the maximum score from a pool table. The game’s simulated physics require skill and a strategy to grab the high score and perform a trick shot. 

The game can be started immediately, with the potential to earn with referrals, and later with accrued points and trick shots. 

Trickshot Blitz is now taking over as one of the popular Web3 games in the Philippines. Earnings may depend on player interest and market conditions and may vary with time. 

How Trickshot Blitz Integrates Web3

The Trickshot Blitz e-sports game is part of the Joyride Games ecosystem, aiming for mass adoption of Web3 technologies. The game uses Flow blockchain for speed and low fees. 

A Joyride account also serves as an integrated wallet, bridging the gap from Web2 accounts and into Web3 ownership. 

The tennis game by Joyride also integrates NFT avatars, which grant additional perks in tournaments. Joyride Games also offers a solitaire game and a digital carrom game. Joyride Games plans to release six more e-sports games, once again offering semi-idle puzzles, card games, arcade mini-games and a battle game.

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