Solitaire Blitz: Referral Program Boosted This Game’s Fortunes

Solitaire Blitz offers a lightweight mobile game with revenue streams.
  • Solitaire Blitz promises relatively higher earnings, replacing previous hot P2E games.
  • Joyride account creation and phone number give access to the game.
  • Solitaire Blitz displaced Axie Infinity and became a top 6 P2E game.

Solitaire Blitz is a game that popped among top 10 P2E titles out of the blue, displacing even staples like Axie Infinity. 

Solitaire Blitz started heating up due to its targeted referral campaign. Additionally, the game is at a stage where players can also make significant daily earnings, causing a rush of users. P2E games remain risky and the current level of earnings may be temporary. 

Currently, Solitaire Blitz is trending with social media hype and daily visits. The game is another project aiming for mass Web3 adoption, and following the path of Gameta. Idle games are a staple of Web2 and a token addition can add an element of earnings. 

Solitaire Blitz offers short, week-long seasons with reasonably high P2E potential income. Players are already spreading referral codes, boosting game awareness and the addition of new players.

The card-based game uses the Flow blockchain, which has relatively low popularity compared to other platforms. Despite this, Solitaire Blitz manages to bring together more than 50K players per day. The game’s success arrived fast, with players reaching the current level in about a week. 

Solitaire Blitz to Become Multi-Chain Game

Solitaire Blitz takes up a niche for a complete P2E game with earnings potential. The mobile access and a lightweight application further increase the game’s adoption. Solitaire Blitz offers season idle play, as well as matches and leaderboards.

The game also replaces former leaders like Axie Infinity and Pegaxy in the Southeast Asia region. The mobile versions are complete for Android and iOS devices, requiring a Joyride account tied to a phone number.

Solitaire Blitz relies on a Web2 account creation, but players also learn RLY tokens. The P2E models is also scalable, as players can pay in to participate in matches. The earnings pool thus grows along with players, avoiding the risk of depleting the game. 

Another advantage is the familiarity of the game, using a simple Solitaire game model which can be started by any player. In the coming months, Solitaire Blitz may also migrate to Ethereum and Solana, reaching the wider P2E and crypto communities.

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