Vulcan Forged Expands with Series of Upgrades

Vulcan Forged (PYR) expanded its Elysium blockchain partnerships, adding a total of 16 games.

Vulcan Forged continues on its trek to become one of the most expansive play to earn ecosystems with metaverse capabilities. The game creation hub added several upgrades to onboard new users and boost the experience for all players. 

The game now accounts for XP points in a more detailed form. Vulcanverse now attempts to integrate LAVA token earnings, while also adding new land, games and types of achievements to its ecosystem. 

Elysium: Blockchain for the Metaverse

One of the main attraction points of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem is Elysium, the native blockchain tailored for play to earn and metaverse activity. 

Elysium keeps attracting partners, growing with up to 16 games. The latest game metaverse to be added is Goons of Balatroon.

Vulcanverse remains the bellwether game, but others are catching up with users and rewards. In February, Vulcan Forged had locked in significant achievements in activity and game usage, based on wallet and LAVA token statistics.

The most recent game addition is an infinite runner game, with a 1 LAVA fee and a daily pool for rewards and burning. 

PYR Still Seeks Support

PYR, the native asset of Vulcanverse, is still seeking support. PYR is now at around $9.11, hovering at a three-month low after unraveling from the $31 range. The token peaked above $42 in mid-2021, and now expects support from staking, usage for NFT purchases or trading support. 

PYR is one of the selected play to earn tokens to be listed on the Binance exchange, where it may enjoy short-term pumps. 

LAVA started trading about a week ago, and is still in price discovery. LAVA briefly started at above $1.50, but has since lost almost all value due to selling pressure and has reached lows of $0.005. 

LAVA is mostly used as an in-game asset, with most trading on Gate.IO exchange, and no decentralized pairings. The rapid loss of LAVA value may also hurt gamers, as the Vulcanverse encouraged the accumulation of LAVA for weeks before the trading launch.

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