Vulcan Forged Boosts Earnings with LAVA Token

Vulcan Forged starts to pay out LAVA tokens for game performance, still pending exchange listing and price discovery.

Vulcan Forged, one of the play to earn ecosystems using the PYR token, will add to its game earning opportunities with LAVA token generation. The new LAVA reward token will mop up PYR supply and there are already signs the launch is bringing in players.

While LAVA is not yet actively listed and traded, the earnings are rolling in fast for new players for casual gameplay in the VulcanVerse game. LAVA is still listed without pricing data on Coinmarketcap, but may start to unlock value for early earners soon.

The two-token model may boost the game in the coming months, as the project recovers from a recent wallet attack. LAVA mechanics are active in the Berserkers game.

PYR Still Under Pressure

The price of PYR is still under pressure, after a long slide from highs above $48. PYR traded at $13.89, with a short-term attempt to attempt another upward leg. Still, PYR is above its lowest point for the past three months, where it started off with prices under $7. 

The new game mechanics and quests, however, in addition to new games launched, may be a positive influence on PYR and the VulcanVerse in 2022. 

PYR staking to create more LAVA will also lead to some scarcity, though for now the VulcanVerse is yet building up its user base. PYR also renewed activity after the Binance exchange renewed deposits and withdrawals. 

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem is also expected to announce new NFT collections in the coming weeks. 

Vulcan Forged Prepares for Multi Chain Activity

Vulcan Forged has created a tokenomics model that will not only work within its own project. The Frenzy SDK, launched in December last year, will allow multiple metaverse games and even existing game projects to use Vulcan Forged assets. 

For now, only Berserk, Forge Arena and Block Babies use Vulcan Forged assets. More games are moving to the Elysium blockchain, a specific environment for the Vulcan Forged collection of assets and games. 

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