Walken: What’s Coming on the Roadmap for This Move-To-Earn Game

Walken aims to become a hub for sustainable move-to-earn and mini-games with a highly liquid token.

Walken has launched its open beta back in June. Now, the move-to-earn game had a new list of items on its roadmap for further advancements. Walken sets out as a free-to-play lifestyle app, aiming for sustainability, one of the biggest challenges for move-to-earn games. 

The game aims for significant engagement from its international community. Walken also got a boost from being among top game searches based on DappRadar data.

Walken is still taking off, a slow start compared to other move-to-earn games. The Walken game is behind the boom and bust of STEPN (GMT), the leading and first high-profile move-to-earn game. Currently, Walken notes almost no smart contract activity.

Walken now aims to wrap up all its upgrades and become a complex lifestyle app with a crypto token and a gamified element. Currently, the chief function of Walken is to count steps as the basic activity. 

Even at its current free game state, Walken has attracted more than 1.1M users. Not all the users interact with the blockchain, but Walken is another example of gaining a user base first, then expanding as a Web3 game.

Walken will introduce a new mini-games with its themed NFT characters, Cathletes. Additionally, to boost competition, Walken will rank players based on activity levels and reward more perks based on that ranking. Walken will also introduce a referral system, basing some of the earnings on attracting new users and community building. 

Walken also saw significant gains during June and July, where activity may be easier. This coincided with the WLKN token launch, where the asset started trading in June. WLKN peaked at $0.16 and slid to its current level of $0.05. WLKN is still comparatively stable, with no mass sell-offs as in the case of the STEPN assets.

Most Walken additions will arrive in the final months of 2022, adding an ambassador program. In 2023, the game will keep adding social features. WLKN trading may expand to more liquid exchanges.

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