Walken Move to Earn: New Perks After Public Beta Opens

Walken offers a mix of move-to-earn and mini-games with tournament and PvP features.
  • Walken gives Gems for steps, WLKN tokens for winning PvP matches.
  • The app has more than 500K downloads, and will add more mini-games for competitive earnings.
  • Walken offers PvP battles with a WLKN token balance.

Walken, the move-to-earn and lifestyle game, is now expanding its presence after the public beta launch stage. Walken offers a mix of Solana-based ownership and off-chain transactions to record daily movement goals.

Walken’s success is in retaining its user base, through daily quests and rewards. Players are also encouraged to hold onto WLKN for upcoming upgrades, airdrops and items. 


The Walken app has more than 500K downloads and a 4.2 star rating on Google Play. Since December 2022, the Walken app also added a mini-game, offering an endless runner that also uses the Walken playable characters. The Walken game is accessible as a mobile app and compatible with wearable step-tracking devices. 

Walken Offers Win-to-Earn, Daily Rewards

The game’s goal is to gain bonuses and boosters, ending the level with a game boss. This expands the daily potential of Walken to not only work in the background as a step-based app, but also offer one of the most successful semi-idle game models. The Walken Runner has achieved more than 50K downloads since its launch. 

Walken also recently added PvP capabilities to make the game more competitive and boost WLKN earnings. 


Despite the potential to gain tokens, Walken remains a game-first Web3 product, giving more weight to gameplay and engagement than to GameFi. 

All activity within Walken is tailored to give players an advantage. For instance, a player can make 1,000 steps to gain one Gem. Gems are used to upgrade playable characters, which then compete in matches or in the runner game. Winning a match will lead to WLKN token gains, turning the game into a win-to-earn. Players receive a special balance of tokens from winning each match.  

From 2023 onward, Walken will also add tournaments and new racing modes, in addition to the already active daily tasks and prizes. In February, Walken may also add another mini-game, where the WLKN token will have utility. The game may also expand its social aspect, with offline events and meetups, e-sports, or by adding social media features.

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