Warena 3D Opens Web3 Personalized Metaverse

Warena 3D is now in the community building stage, with the occasional short-term giveaway event.
  • Warena 3D and Warena 2D battles offer onboarding for a world of free play and GameFi.
  • Warena will be a multi-chain game, starting with Binance Smart Chain.
  • Warena 3D will offer a mix of peaceful crafting and battles.

Warena 3D is another fully live game with the potential to personalize a metaverse experience. Warena is now trending as another source of gaming and Web3 activities. The goal of Warena is to create an arena for multiple mini-games, as well as in-game Web3 deals. Players can gain and mint NFT, or acquire tokens, all within the multi-chain metaverse.


Warena 3D has built an economy around its Warena token, offering a full ecosystem with easy starting exposure to Binance Smart Chain. 

Warena is part of the new trend of launching open worlds with in-game economic potential, offering play-and-earn opportunities. The game, built by D2M games, is also breaking out now for mobile downloads. The game’s mobile version is just starting out, making Warena one of the games to watch for growth in 2023. 

The game is free to start, with the potential to hold WARE and join some of the GameFi features, entirely optional. 

Warena Offers Battles, Peaceful Crafting Mode

Additionally, players can join the Warena battle app, where the goal is to defend the land from waves of enemies. The 2D survival game was also a precursor to the 3D RPG and metaverse game. The survival game helped build the zombie wave mode for Warena 3D, where players meet waves of enemies in different biomes. But to defend their land and homestead, players can also access peaceful farming and resource gameplay.


While Warena is a free game, some of the players may choose to make a rather significant investment in some of the NFT on offer through Binance NFT. Cyborg NFT can go as high as 247 BUSD. Binance NFT was the first platform to offer Warena items this February, with some listings on OpenSea as well. 
Warena also has a vast map where land plot sales take only a small portion, potentially opening the game for additional NFT land sales as the user base grows. Warena is also organizing short-term giveaways and social media events with giveaways to boost exposure and adoption.

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