Infinity Realms Joins the List of Web3 Games

Infinity Realms will add a total of 15 worlds with varied themes, from post-apocalyptic to medieval, futuristic or steampunk.
  • Infinity Realms adds multi-world approach to Web3 sandbox gaming.
  • Land plots, homesteads, businesses and more will be owned through NFT.
  • Infinity Realms will offer high-capacity servers to host multiple game modes.

Infinity Realms is a newly added Web3 game, offering yet another open infinite world for sandbox activities. The game has a civilization-building goal, where players find resources, mobs, and can also loot, in a bid to carve out their own spot in the metaverse. 

The play-to-own game will add new worlds for a total of 15 different locations with their varied balances and challenges. To get to know the game better, Infinity Realms is preparing for a long and detailed AMA space this Wednesday.

The game’s main appeal will come from high-capacity servers carrying up to 1,000 players. On the metaverse side, Infinity Realms will have a voice chat and a peaceful world to socialize. The game will also work as RPG with harvesting mechanics, crafting and leveling. 

Infinity Realms is whimsical, mixing fantasy, realistic and futuristic styles, for a big array of potential home bases. The possible worlds range between medieval, post-apocalyptic, technological, steampunk and more. The playable characters also range in their skills and styles, coming in from different historical periods.

Infinity Realms Offers Multiple NFT Types

The game is versatile enough to offer multiple types of players a niche. In Infinity realms, there can be exploration, guilds for building projects, solo creators and team-based battles.

The game also tries to pay out for time spent in the game. Players need to spend long hours, but in exchange, they can produce and own rare NFT, which can be sold to other players. In Infinity Realms, each player can essentially build a business by the items earned for active gaming.

Despite the infinite nature and multiple worlds, Infinity Realms will also have only 6,000 metaverse land plots, creating a scarce resource. There will also be 5,000 Homes and 1,000 Businesses. Pets, Avatars and Morphs will also have a limited supply, but they will be created as the game progresses. Other items will also be generated slowly over time to drive engagement.

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