Wasted Lands Alpha Release Coming Soon, Prizes to be Claimed

Wasted Lands opened the signup for its closed alpha testing period, with $60,000 equivalent in prizes.

Wasted Lands will register players for its Alpha Release, with a deadline to sign up by February 14. The game will go live with limited challenges, distributing rewards equivalent to $60,000.

The game will open with PVP tournaments and a points-based leaderboard, with a 8,000 USDT reward for the first place. The game will test out both its battle mechanics and the player score and matching system. Joining the early signup also makes 100 random participants eligible for additional rewards of $50 equivalent per player.

Wasted Lands also unveiled its stamina system, a tool to encourage players to onboard more playable characters. Each battle will cost two stamina points, meaning owning more warriors makes players eligible for more battles and more potential prizes. 


The Wasted Lands Goes on Development Fast Track

The Wasted Lands game had a relatively fast track of launching its playable platform. The game first appeared as a project in late 2021, adding an IDO to finance its early phase.

The token sale ended this January 6, raising a total of $2.59M. More than 12M tokens were sold as private placement, and just under 1M tokens in the public sale at $0.30. WAL token will have a total supply of 100M on Binance Smart Chain, of which 33% are set aside in the treasury for future rewards.

As of February 2021, WAL is not yet launched, and the game rewards will be paid in other digital assets. The Wasted Lands heroes are yet to be traded on OpenSea. Currently, there are just five random items, at a floor price of 0.15 ETH, though their utility, rarity and market potential are risky. At this stage of the game, Warriors as NFTs can be staked, with 8,031 characters locked in staking before the eventual beta launch.

The Wasted Lands game partners with the Apio Gaming Guild, a scholarship club dedicated to supporting new players and spreading the influence of games.

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