Wasted Lands Adds Fusion to Level Up NFT

The Wasted Lands arrived in 2022 and offers a mix of free play and DeFi.
  • The Wasted Lands offers WAL token staking and NFT trading.
  • The game also offers F2P entry point to test the main gameplay.
  • Combine different Warriors to gain more advanced features.

The Wasted Lands, an adventure game with PVP mode and NFT items, saw its player count rally as it added a new feature for its playable heroes. Wasted Lands has now added a Fusion feature, combining several NFT for a new overpowered item. Fusion has been tried in games like Pegaxy, Thetan Arena or Bomb Crypto and serve to limit the amount of NFT available. 


The Wasted Lands is now encouraging Warrior purchases to have enough items for a Fused Warrior. Warrior trading has already expanded to over $372K, with hundreds of NFT changing hands. Varied Warriors trade between $10 and $150 in WAL tokens, depending on their rarity score and utility features.

In addition to the NFT version, The Wasted Lands has a free-to-play entry point, while WAL staking may be separated as a form of DeFi side of the game. The Wasted Lands built its MVP at the start of 2022 and was ready with a playable free and NFT version after Q1. The game offers a mix of PvP battles, resource play and puzzles.

The other type of NFT is in-game equipment and cosmetic frames, with a still small-scale marketplace. The Wasted Lands is a game to watch in late 2022, though still lagging behind earlier arrivals on the P2E stage.

WAL Tokens Add Staking Dimension

The Wasted Lands WAL token can be bought through the ETH or BSC blockchains, and relies on decentralized trading. WAL is needed to acquire and Fuse the Warriors. WAL has traded since March 2022, and had a trajectory from $0.30 at the peak down to $0.03. This price slide may make it easier to join the game now and acquire NFT to try out their in-game utility. 

WAL is also in demand due to the newly launched staking program in the summer of 2022. Staking ranges between 500 and 20K WAL tokens, with a high annualized percentage rate. At the current low level of WAL, any in-game earnings can be added in the form of staking. WAL remains volatile, but gives a stake in the game and its future development. 

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