Winkyverse to Hold the First Land Sale in an Educational Game

Winkyverse will first offer mini-games for its NFT owners.
  • The Winkyverse will reach its closed alpha stage in 2023.
  • The game will offer an editor to generate mini-games, as well as user-generated NFT.
  • The Winkyverse offers VIP accounts and has now opened its first land sale.

Winkyverse is an upcoming game with a learn-to-earn model. The project aims to build a metaverse with a learning purpose. Now, Winkyverse has entered its NFT mint stage, and will offer the ownership of digital land.

Winkyverse resembles some of the approaches of The Sandbox, by inviting high-profile themes, including the Smurfs. The game’s goal is to build a metaverse of educational activities.

Winkyverse Offers Full Building Game 

The educational aspect of the Winkyverse is built through a classic sandbox game. Players can gather resources, craft and trade items. Additionally, one of the goals is to also use transportation to make the game progress faster. 

All the game’s efforts also go toward upgrading the playable avatar. Both players and organizations can also hold events. This is the venue for VIP participants to create their educational events.

Winkyverse can thus become a user-generated source of courses, turning into Coursera for the metaverse.

The Winkyverse also aims to appeal to a wider audience, thus allowing the buying of land either with the WNK crypto token, or with a credit card. In addition to land and tokens, Winkybots are the movable in-game avatars. There will only be 10,898 in the Genesis collection, and the game team warns against other attempts to sell game items.

The Winkyverse is one of the rare games to raise $24.5M in an ICO, to finance its development effort.

The Winkyverse Promises Playable Alpha in Q2, 2023

The Winkyverse has a roadmap to its launch, with a game for NFT holders arriving in early 2023. After that, the game will add crafting mechanics and a 3D world explorer. 

The actual gameplay with more features will be in closed alpha by the middle of 2023, based on the preliminary roadmap. The chief feature of the game will be Winky Studio, where participants will create educational experiences for the metaverse. The editor can build game templates and create user-generated mini-games. Players can also create accessories and items and mint them as NFT.

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