The Sandbox Celebrates 1000 Days of Metaverse Play

The Sandbox (SAND) aims to remain a top metaverse game, encouraging big and early land investors.
  • The Sandbox has distributed land to high-profile early adopters.
  • The metaverse is still among top NFT collections for digital land.
  • SAND tokens remain at $0.75 after a slow slide in 2022.

The Sandbox, one of the most ambitious metaverse games, is celebrating 1000 days of playing in its virtual world. The Sandbox arrived on stage as a crypto game, while also having a decade of building experience in generating a voxel world. The Sandbox is one of the most reliable and long-term crypto projects with an open-world concept.

The Sandbox also launched during peak demand for NFT, and sold some of the most well-visited land plots in the metaverse. For months, The Sandbox was among the top 3 digital land collections on OpenSea. Land plots have peaked with extremely high values, and now another 2.6M SAND will be distributed among holders.

The SAND token is relatively resilient and has retained some of its value. However, the asset is stagnant and slid slowly to $0.75, abandoning previous peak levels of around $1.30 from the previous month. SAND remains one of the most liquid metaverse tokens, by virtue of its early listings on major crypto exchanges.

The Sandbox Surpasses Decentraland in Metaverse Land Trading

Landowners also receive both regular and bonus SAND airdrops, while also earning from special events. The Sandbox is known for offering a mix of open season with public spots, and special events for limited NFT holders. 

Additionally, The Sandbox already has multiple partnerships and themed collections based on popular cartoons, personalities or celebrities. 

The Sandbox has also surpassed Decentraland and is the second-busiest NFT land producer. The Sandbox is second only to Otherdeed, the digital land of the Otherside Meta game by Yuga Labs. The Sandbox land has fallen to a floor price of 1.35 ETH, much lower compared to peak valuations. Despite this, long-term holders still see their early buying as potentially valuable.

Additionally, big brands have fixed locations in the Sandbox metaverse, including Paris Hilton, Snoop Dog, as well as corporations like HSBC and Adidas. Major crypto projects like Binance and Avalanche, among others, also have large Sandbox investments. The Sandbox is a double-chain game, with assets on both Ethereum and Polygon.

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