X-Metaverse Launches PvP Season 8 with New Rules

X-Metaverse will offer a month-long season of more intensive battles, XMETA and Gem Chest rewards.
  • X-Metaverse to boost rewards for top 100 PvP competitors.
  • XMETA token stabilizes at a lower range, at $0.003- $0.004.
  • New season will run until October 10.

X-Metaverse launched its PvP season 8 this Sunday, getting more attention from players. The new season starts with a newly built battle arena and an altered PvP reward system. 

X-Metaverse will make the battles more intensive, while also expanding the reward pool to reach the top 100 ranked players. In the new season, XMETA and Star Guard Gem chests will be given away to more players. The new season ends on October 10, setting aside 1M XMETA tokens in the reward pool and an additional 50% of XMETA used up by the game. 


The prize pool will go exclusively to the top 100 players in the leaderboard. Players will also have five ranks to compete among themselves, with varied levels of win and loss potential. 

X-Metaverse Requires BSC Blockchain Wallet, Token and NFT Purchase

X-Metaverse offers one of the first 3D games themed after Star Wars battles. The game is based on Binance Smart Chain, drawing in between 100 and 400 users for smart contract interaction.

X-Metaverse resembles the newly introduced PvP ecosystem of Crabada, where ranked matches will reward the top competitors. The game also has a mining environment for idle play, but the team encourages users to jump into the seasonal gameplay as well. 

X-Metaverse is available for download, but still with no free-to-play version. Players must buy an NFT through MetaMask and WalletConenct and the game’s native marketplace. Ships to start the game are traded as NFT starting at around $10 and priced in XMETA.

XMETA tokens have traded since the end of June, briefly touching a peak at $0.03. Currently, XMETA trades 90% lower, close to $0.003. The game team holds regular token burns to rebalance the game, in addition to limiting rewards for the top leaderboard positions.

Tokens are destroyed by being sent to a dead-end unrecoverable address. 

XMETA for now only relies on decentralized trading through PancakeSwap. The token is a necessary element to starting the game with the first NFT, and players will need some BNB for gas fees.

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