Crabada Arena Game: New Rules Split Players into Tiers

Crabada (CRA) remains popular despite the sliding TUS price. Battle rewards and NFT draws keep attracting users.
  • Crabada Arena battles to add risk-reward ratio based on player points and tiers.
  • Adventure mode level 95 cleared for the first time.
  • Arena fees, breeding continue with larger TUS burns.

Crabada Arena is turning out to be one of the most popular game modes. The Arena competitions have already accrued 10 competitive weeks and are entering a new stage. 

Crabada has introduced new rules for Week 10 tournaments, which will apply coming forward. The biggest change is that players will be split into tiers based on their accrued Arena points, and this will have an effect on earnings.

Competing at a higher tier will be much riskier, with a 100% loss of AP points after a defeat for those competing in the Diamond tier. Other tiers will include Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper, the lowest. Copper tier players will initially not lose AP points on defeat, until moving to a higher tier.

The Arena game, along with breeding fees, is also one of the most significant sinks for TUS tokens. The regular token burns are trying to keep TUS deflationary and bring more value to the game.

The other source of Crabada engagement is the Adventure mode game, where crab teams compete to reach higher levels. At the current rate, Level 95 has been cleared by one player, with difficulty rising significantly.

Crabada Still Among Top Avalanche Subnet Games

Crabada remains a significant source of activity for Avalanche subnets. Swimmer Network remains one of the busiest subnets, making up a significant bulk of total subnet volumes. Swimmer Network is also open to additional games, recently concluding a Snake City test tournament.

Crabada is also trying to grant value with daily draws for Crab NFT of varied rarity levels.

The game’s popularity has managed to keep the CRA token at a stable level of $0.015. CRA is also becoming the main staking token, displacing Crab Amulet. TUS remains volatile, coming up 100% and down 50% in the past month, to $0.0002. 

The tweaked TUS reward schedule and the tournament principle means the game is still competitive. The in-game earnings are not guaranteed and are no longer as accessible to bots. Instead, Crabada offers a skills-based and competitive game, favoring high achievement for higher risk and higher reward.

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