XCrusaders Opens Airdrop Season for Exclusive Token Owners

XCrusaders offers a slow start and ownership of all resources accrued in the game.
  • XCrusaders is a kingdom builder game, where players train troops, extract resources and attack.
  • The game is build on XRP Ledger and will have two wallets for in-game items and for airdrops.
  • XCrusaders is preparing for a building NFT mint in the coming months.

XCrusaders is a newly launched kingdom builder game, with medieval-themed NFT. The game is now entering a series of airdrops for the holders of its limited edition token. XCrusaders is changing the game tokenization model. Its main asset, XCrusader Token, has a limited supply and works more as a game pass. 

Holding the token will grant rights to monthly airdrops within the game. The token’s value comes from its limited availability. 


XCrusaders: Build and Own Your Kingdom

The goal of XCrusaders is to follow a long arc of building a kingdom and training an army. Players start with a free land plot to gain resources, and can customize the location as the game progresses.

The game is still in the early stages, and the next feature to be added are buildings that will boost the land plot’s productivity. 

XCrusaders is also partially play-to-own, allowing players to also rent out their land plots for resources. Currently, the game is still developing most of its resources and was deemed among the top games in development to watch this year.

XCrusaders Offers Multiple Web3 Tools

XCrusaders has several tools to offer ownership, in-game perks and earnings. The game also carries three NFT collections of PFP images of all in-game fractions, a second collection with 3D rendered avatars. A third NFT mint will be coming, this time for buildings with real in-game utility. 

XCrusaders is build on XRPL, or the Ledger of XRP, one of the faster digital coin networks. This game is one of the few P2E and Web3 projects to use XRP, which is usually reserved for financial operations. All XCrusaders players will have two wallets – one for in-game operations, and one pre-approved for airdrops.

The game will also carry an inflationary in-game token, which can be used for cashing out or for upgrades. CROWN will complement XCrusader Token, which will work more as a pass for the regular airdrops expected in the coming months. The game will also build a native marketplace to resell all available Hero NFT or other items.

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