League of Kingdoms: Still Top Web3 Game Based on App, NFT Activity

League of Kingdoms (LOKA) made small changes to its battle game,
  • League of Kingdoms parthers with other Web3 platforms to represent the game and boost player count.
  • The game achieved more than 500K downloads during the Web3 boom.
  • The game has one of the most active NFT turnovers based on resource resale.

League of Kingdoms is one of the top Web3 and P2E games with more than 500K app downloads. Recently, the game team showed more upcoming developments for the high-profile game. 

League of Kingdoms is now partnered with Fractal, one of the top hubs on Solana, which now also carries Ethereum-based games. The addition to another Web3 gaming hub will help League of Kingdoms retain players, while also reviving its NFT market. 


League of Kingdoms sees most of its activity happen off-chain, though the project is also among the most active NFT collections on Polygon. Players can still choose to play League of Kingdoms as a free game, and then selectively mint the resources.

League of Kingdoms offers a resource-grinding game with PvP battle potential. Players can grind for food, wood stone and gold resources to build up their kingdoms. With leveling up, minting NFT is available after Level 20. Players can also choose to buy resources or NFT on the open market. The League of Kingdoms app is inspired by the Rise of Kingdoms game, though with added Web3 elements. 

Howe League of Kingdoms Adopts Web3

League of Kingdoms was among the finished P2E games with a complex world of building and resources. The initial attractor was the ability to mint in-game items as resource or item NFT. Even now, 1M Wood is on offer for 0.1 ETH. 

The game is among the top projects in terms of NFT transfers, as players swap resources or items. 

Additionally, League of Kingdoms set up a series of NFT land sales, making players partially own the game map. 

League of Kingdoms still supports its native LOKA token, which remains one of the long-running P2E assets. LOKA has traded for about a year, and sits currently at $0.45, down from a peak in early 2022 at above $4. The token is still the chief tool to cash out of the game, via trading or in-wallet swapping. LOKA is also one of the selected P2E tokens to trade on the Binance exchange.

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