Zoids Wild Arena Continues with its Second Frontier Test

Zoids Wild Arena will showcase its beta version, and will alter the game before the official launch later this year.
  • Zoids Wild Arena offers a large-scale test for potentially thousands of players.
  • The test will have a $20,000 USDT prize pool and access to an exclusive cut-price NFT pack.
  • The beta test is open for all until February 8.

Zoids Wild Arena, which recently opened its first battle test, is now preparing for another early access battle event. The second test will run until February 8 and offer a prize pool in USDT tokens. 


The second test will be more widely accessible and free, adding to the exposure of Zoids Wild Arena. The test will also have a leaderboard and share a prize pool for the first 10,000 ranked players. 

Zoids Wild Arena went through a short maintenance on January 25, but for the large-scale test, the game will offer global servers. This time, the game will exclude Japan, China and Korea, offering active servers for all other regions. The limitation may be due to the regulations of using USDT tokens in some regions. 

Zoids Wild Arena is available for download as a PC game or an Android mobile version. The early bird game will use Polygon blockchain for its assets. 

Participants in Tests Get Early Bird NFT Access

Zoids Wild Arena is also holding an Early Bird sale for NFT items. NFT are not required in the game, but Zoids Wild Arena has taken the path of selling starter packs. 

The current early bird offer is an item pack available for $59.99, containing 30 game cards. The package is available only for crypto on the Polygon blockchain, through the game’s site. Players can pay in USDT, WETH and MATIC, using MetaMask set to Polygon. 

The packs are also for sale from within the game, where players can also use a card payment in case they don’t own crypto tokens. Players can use only one wallet per account, and using a single wallet on multiple game accounts will lead to bans. 

For the initial test, no game activities will be recorded on the blockchain. Wallets are only needed for the reward, and players must be at least 18 years old to participate. The game will test its beta version and will make changes before releasing its official game in 2023.

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