Zomfi Shooter Game Prepares Mobile Version

Zomfi is still at an early stage and yet to accrue a larger player count.
  • ZOMFI tokens are already thinly traded to test a form of price discovery.
  • Q4 will be busy for the game team, with multiplayer mode and new bosses.
  • Zomfi aims to launch a mobile version soon.

Zomfi is an upcoming zombie shooting game with Web3 and GameFi elements. Currently, the game is in pre-launch development, with the team giving a sneak peak into character development. Additionally, the most advanced game version heading for launch is a mobile app. 


Zomfi and its native ZOMFI asset are based on Binance Smart Chain, with 2,450 active addresses even before the game’s launch. The game is active in its social media engagamenent, drawing attention to itself as an up and coming app-based Web3 game.

Zomfi is a variant of the zombie game, alike to Undead Blocks, which is a realistic 3D shooter. Zomfi will offer an endless labyrinth in quest mode, with the goal of shooting zombies. The game’s goal is to offer a light mobile version and mass access. The game is still ranked very low among BSC games, with virtually no smart contract activity. 

Zomfi Offers Busy Roadmap, Limited P2E

ZOMFI has traded since December 2021, though it lost most of its value similar to other game-related tokens. The asset reached a peak shortly after its launch at $0.08, and is now at $0.003. The asset is risky and the best approach is to earn it in the game. Trading ZOMFI or buying as an investment may be highly risky.

Zomfi’s assets are already available on MEXC and Pancake Swap, for players requiring ZOMFI tokens for game advantage. The third-person shooter mixes with looting gameplay, and the possibility to gain and upgrade weapons. The chief tool is the merging mechanism, where multiple low-grade weapons combine to produce a rare item. 

The other type of NFT are the avatars, which can be built by the players. The game will also include character upgrades and crafting mechanics, as well as boss battles. 

Zomfi may have its most exciting developments toward the end of 2022. Multiplayer mode is envisioned in the roadmap, as well as battle royale, zombie racing and new game bosses. The game is highly transparent in its dev updates and communication, with the potential to add players even outside its P2E model.

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