Undead Blocks Opens Another Free Tournament on Friday

Undead Blocks aims to reach a wide audience of gamers, while also offering the opportunity for NFT ownership.
  • Undead Blocks offers a new free for all tournament with a $15K prize pool.
  • UNDEAD token remains stable near $0.70.
  • Free NFT weapon packs arrive in the game often, with both Rookie and Advanced weapons.

Undead Blocks offers a new tournament with a substantial prize pool and access to all independent of NFT ownership status. The game, which is one of the most advanced P2E offers, will offer $15K in the prize pool, with $500 for first place. 


Undead Blocks is among the most successful P2E games, though not all on-chain activity is tracked. The game’s weapons collection also has significant resale volumes. Undead Blocks is attractive for being open to start as a free game, while accruing ZBux and UNDEAD tokens. 

The game is also trying to popularize the Web3 model, without being aggressive about GameFi, or pushing token trading. 

The UNDEAD asset has a subdued trading activity, remaining relatively unchanged at $0.68. ZBUX remains an in-game token with utility for weapons-based gameplay, upgrades and initial purchases. 

Undead Blocks: Grab Regular Free NFT Opportunities

The game is also hinting at a new NFT update, with special items to boost zombie battle performance. 


The Genesis Weapons collection is also holding up, with 0.2 ETH floor price and 963 ETH in trading. Undead Blocks is also not aggressive about fundraising through tokens or NFT, and will offer free access or grant weapon NFT for skillful gameplay. This makes Undead Blocks one of the prime candidates for a high-reputation P2E game without the economic burnout or speculative trading. 

Undead Blocks targets traditional gamers with one of the most complete skills-based gameplays. To avoid high fees, Undead Blocks uses Immutable X as a second-layer solution to Ethereum. This makes the game’s assets highly accessible, while also avoiding the need to buy ETH for fees. 

Undead Blocks is still not in open beta, but can be accesses for tournaments. The game has been attractive for offering NFT bundles regularly, recently offering a Rookie Pack of weapons for social media tasks. 

At the same time, Undead Blocks can be played initially without registering a wallet, as most of the assets are also awarded within the game and need not be moved to a wallet.

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