Aavegotchi Boosts Transaction Count on Polygon Network

Aavegotchi is one of the first gamified DeFi hubs, now coming with a 3D metaverse experience.
  • Aavegotchi avatars are key to this game’s earnings.
  • More than 90K owners of GHST reward tokens from liquidity mining, mini-games.
  • Game joins top 5 apps on the Polygon network.

Aavegotchi, the DeFi and collectible game, is reaping the rewards of its metaverse launch last week. The game is now the third busiest on the Polygon network, with 11.7K players. Aavegotchi has been popular as a DeFi hub, but for the first time it presented a game-first 3D experience. 

Aavegotchi, a spinoff from the Aave DeFi hub, is a gamified approach to token creation. Owning avatar NFTs on the Aavegotchi app has been popular for years, though not strictly as a play to earn game. 

Now, the game is offering a new source of earnings, the GHST token. 


The game was also one of the first where the rank of the playable avatar had a direct effect on earnings. Currently, avatars sell almost daily, changing hands at prices as high as $3,760.

Aavegotchi avatars can also participate in a form of NFT staking, in this case called Aavegotchi Lending. Locking in avatars entitles owners to GHST rewards. 

The game also offers the Rarity Farming mechanism, which is a series of mini-games played by a selectively bred and equipped Aavegotchi NFT. The game is played in seasons, with partially known and partially random in-game factors, with GHST distributed to leaders as a reward.

What is GHST Token

One of the appealing elements of Aavegotchi is the native GHST token. The game announced more than 90K users own this asset, at least within the game. GHST, however, is locked in around 7,332 addresses on Ethereum, suggesting some of the GHST rewards may be off-chain or held in smart contracts.

On Polygon, GHST lists 90,593 addresses, and logs in its main activity. Aavegotchi is the 35th largest app on Polygon by value locked, and carries $8.92M in value. 

GHST traded at $1.95, within its mid-range value. GHST peaked above $2.88 in November 2021, and has not crashed deeply since then. 

GHST also has the advantage of being listed on Binance, in a pairing with USDT. This allows for significant liquidity in cashing out GHST earnings.

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