Aavegotchi Introduces New NFT Type: Blue Tiles

Aavegotchi aims to encourage more metaverse building with an easier land plot editor.
  • Blue tiles are now tradable and craftable on Aavegotchi.
  • Gotchiverse uses cosmetic items to encourage building, adding a new, easier editor.
  • Aavegotchi still locks in more than $9.9M in value.

Aavegotchi, one of the most successful GameFi projects, is introducing a new type of asset. Blue Mosaic Tiles, a resource in the Aavegotchi metaverse, is now tradable on the game’s native marketplace. Gotchiverse tiles are craftable and tradable items with varying levels of rarity. Golden tiles were introduced in Q2 and will remain forever as a swag item and game decoration.


Blue tiles are another addition to a collection of golden, emerald tiles and other NFT that can be used within the game. Top asking prices for tiles reach 15K GHST tokens. The tiles are used to cover the metaverse land plots acquired by players. 

Aavegotchi still attracts 2.24K users per day, and the NFT collection has a turnover of more than $20K in 24 hours. Aavegotchi has a GameFi model, the chief reason for NFT demand. The game’s creatures are the primary tool to ensure additional passive income, and they also serve as avatars in the game’s metaverse spaces.

Aavegotchi is also updating its building mechanisms, to equip the metaverse land plot even faster. 


But Aavegotchi is also offering options to play the game with a free start, to encourage user growth. Aavegotchi saw an outflow of users and value during the recent bear market that also hurt GameFi projects.


The game offers scholarship programs for players, with no need to buy their own Aavegotchi creatures. The game is still restricted from a complete free-to-play, but may offer a chance for new players to start out without an initial token or NFT investment. 

GHST still holds on within a range, trading at $1.27. In the past three months, GHST sank from $1.49, with periods of relative stability. GHST relies for a big part of its liquidity on Huobi Global and is the main driver of locked value and in-game earnings. 
Aavegotchi still retains more than $9.9M in locked value, based on DeFi Llama statistics. Part of the value gets returned to players using the rarity mining mechanic, in the form of GHST airdrops.

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