Aavegotchi: How This DeFi Game Survived for Two Years

Aavegotchi remains one of the few P2E games with regular earnings, due to its DeFi component.
  • Aavegotchi adds farming element to earn GHST tokens.
  • Game locks in $10M in value, GHST token available on multiple networks.
  • Aavegotchi lines up among top 20 Polygon games.

Aavegotchi recently celebrated its second anniversary, surviving through booms and busts. The game, hinging on ownership of NFT characters, survived the boom and bust of avatar sales, as well as a crypto market and loss of DeFi stability. 

Aavegotchi is cloned across several networks and lines up among top 20 Polygon games, often rising to the top. The game also holds nearly 400K in reported value on its Polygon version. DeFi Llama statistics show the entire protocol actually holds upward of $10M in value.

Despite the bear market, Aavegotchi shipped several upgrades in July, building up complexity and tools for a fun game plus earnings. 


The key to Aavegotchi is the fact that players are aware of the game’s goal, as well as the DeFi processes involved. This is why Aavegotchi keeps offering passive income and rewards NFT ownership, also known as Rarity Farming. 

Aavegotchi Releases Farming Update

The game is also going beyond this method of value generation, while building its new metaverse experience. To keep players busy, Aavegotchi completed the Farming upgrade. Now, the game is offering farming and crafting mechanics, one of the tools for slowly grinding up value. 

Players will use their Aavegotchi in a farming virtual environment while upgrading Haarvesters, Reservoirs, and Maaker Bots to optimize their farm.

GHST Reaches One-Month High

GHST, the Aavegotchi native token, reached a one-month peak at $1.37. GHST remains one of the more exclusive P2E tokens, traded on the Binance exchange as well as Huobi Global. 

The extra liquidity means new players can start monetizing their experience immediately. GHST also has the advantage of moving through different protocols, with exposure to staking and decentralized trading. 


GHST is generated almost constantly through farming after the new update. The latest farming season kicked off on July 28. 

GHST daily earnings are small, but regular, making Aavegotchi a rare game to produce regular income. GHST can also be staked for extra earnings, in addition to the appreciation of NFT items.

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