Alchemy Web3 Focuses on Developer Platform, Holds Web3 Cup Nomination

Alchemy recently launched its tool for pre-approvals ahead of NFT mints.
  • Alchemy is one of the leading hubs for development tools, spanning multiple gamified and NFT projects.
  • Resources for EVM and Solana available to existing and new Web3 creators.
  • Alchemy is holding a nomination for Web3 projects with a badge of acclaim for nominees.

Alchemy is focusing on its image as the Web3 developer platform, offering the new set of tools for deploying games, NFT collections, GameFi and other features. Even after a year of slower crypto trading, Web3 and NFT remained an in-demand technology, with a constant flow of product launches. 

Alchemy is taking up multiple parts of the process, from pre-listing to the actual airdrop. Alchemy has now opened tools to onboard projects for their pre-sale lists.

The Alchemy set of protocols uses Solidity, the programming language of Ethereum smart contracts. Even in 2023, most NFT and gaming projects still use Ethereum, or a Layer 2 solution to Ethereum. 

Alchemy now draws in developers with direct calls for talent, as well as its main SDK to speed up the observation of smart contracts. In gaming and NFT, smart contracts remain one of the points of failure. Alchemy is now offering easier tracking for smart contract activities. 

Alchemy is also directly targeting developers, with a submission window open until March 7 for projects using the Alchemy SDK. The SDK developer challenge has the goal of simplifying code to produce Web3 projects faster. Alchemy has built its resources to onboard developers with a full toolset for almost all experience levels. The hub offers resources on both EVM and Solana environments, for two of the most active chains for new and existing Web3 products.

Alchemy Opens Nominations for Best Web3 Projects

The Alchemy protocol is now looking to reward the most active developers, spanning chains, dApps, tools, DAO structures and protocols. The nominations will close on February 28, and the voting will be held on March 3. The final winner will be announced on March 27. 

Alchemy has also opened nominations for the best Web3 project, collecting entries to decide on top games, collections and features.

In addition to tools and training, Alchemy will offer exposure to its community, estimated at around 500K users. Projects will also hold the Alchemy App Store nominee badge and raise their profile by participating in the event.

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