Alien Worlds Now Accessible with Coinbase Wallet

Alien Worlds aims to encourage everyday engagement and resource mining to boost player count.
  • Alien Worlds now has MetaMask, WAX and Coinbase Wallet options.
  • TLM token remains weakened at $0.03.
  • Alien Worlds with more than 220K players per day, tops monthly chart.

Alien Worlds, one of the most active and high-tier P2E games, has joined forces with Coinbase Wallet, further expanding its outreach. Alien Worlds leverages both WAX and Binance Smart Chain for its NFT and in-game earnings.

Coinbase Wallet can be used as browser extension and offers swapping possibilities for game earnings. With the new addition, Alien Worlds will have another option in addition to MetaMask for its Quests players. Coinbase wallet usage is non-custodial, but requires a basic Coinbase account creation. 

The partnership extends the interest of Coinbase in NFT and Web3 projects. Recently, Coinbase attempted its own NFT marketplace, with mixed success. The exchange is also hosting some of the more prominent P2E tokens, giving legitimacy to high-profile NFT games. 

The Coinbase wallet will hold both NFT items from Alien Worlds, as well as the Trilium (TLM) native token. However, TLM will not gain an immediate Coinbase listing, unlike other game tokens. TLM is well-represented with Binance trading pairs, 

Alien Worlds invites 226.73K players in 24 hours, taking the lead among multi-chain games. On social media, the game has more than 119K players. Alien Worlds is also among the most complete P2E games, though still losing steam from its native token. 

TLM Token Hopes for Recovery

TLM currently trades around $0.03, after a long slide and brief attempts at recovery. During the past year’s bear market, TLM once again erased 90$ of its value and is far from its initial trading peak. Despite this, Alien Worlds is seen as a highly successful game with a large player base. 

Still, the game attracts daily miners with either stable representation or significant growth over time. Alien Worlds managed to draw in the most users in the past 30 days, surpassing even the accrued players of Axie Infinity.

Users, however, report problems with the WAX economy and the need to buy RAM resources to play the game. Also, new players make only around 1 TLM per day and playing is mostly for fun. Alien Worlds NFT items are also over-abundant and rarity levels do not confer real and significant advantages.

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