Alien Worlds: What’s in Store for Zilliqa Partnership

Zilliqa to offer its Unity SDK to Alien Worlds, extending its list of P2E games.
  • Zilliqa to offer Unity SDK with the goal of attracting more gaming projects.
  • Alien Worlds remains top P2E game by player count.
  • Trilium (TLM) token remains stable at $0.03.

Alien Worlds, one of the most ambitious games on Binance Smart Chain and WAX, is partnering with another network, Zilliqa. 

This will be the third Layer 1 solution for Alien Worlds, and an expansion of the gaming portfolio for Zilliqa. The network is a lesser-known attempt to use sharding technology to achieve an environment for builders to deploy a blockchain component to games, financial apps and other builds. 

Zilliqa is a relatively older network, raising $22M during an ICO token sale back in 2018. Zilliqa started out five years ago, recently celebrating its anniversary. The network has already added a long list of apps, including a native shooter game. 

For that time, the network expanded its presence and influence. Alien Worlds could be added to Zilliqa via the newly released Unity SDK, which allows side projects to deploy their app with the least obstacles.

Zilliqa built most of its influence on decentralized exchanges and DeFi apps. Currently, the network carries three games, DragonZill, Heroes of Lowhelm and ZilChill.

ZIL is a highly liquid, though untable token. Currently, ZIL is at $0.04, with two peaks in 2022 reached at around $0.20. ZIL is also more liquid and widely traded compared to other assets. 

Alien World Remains Top Game

Alien Worlds remains the highest ranked game by player count. In the past month, the game has easily hosted above 230K players per day, mostly ensured by the WAX blockchain and the free access.

The game’s success is not entirely reflected in its token performance. TLM, the native token, was launched in May, and has since established a relatively stable performance. TLM trades at $0.03 and has a market cap at around $340M. 

This makes Alien Worlds a relatively underpriced project, compared to more visible games with a smaller player count. Alien Worlds is also working toward becoming a metaverse RPG, currently running a survey to explore ways to develop its virtual environment.

Alien Worlds is using the game-first approach while limiting the demand for earning tokens. Alien Worlds also has limited NFT sales on OpenSea.

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