Alien Worlds Prepares for New Battledome Tournament

Alien Worlds usually attracts more than 200K players per day based on WAX blockchain data.
  • Alien Worlds offers a dynamic tournament with multiple events.
  • The game is a leader among Web3 games and among WAX-based projects.
  • Alien Worlds constantly generates multiple fast-paced mini-challenges to join with a wallet.

Alien Worlds is setting up another event to boost engagement. In early December, players can join the first-of-a-kind Battledome tournament with a 500M Trilium (TLM) token to distribute to the best players.

Registration is now open for pre-registration until November 29, and the activities will run from December 1-15. All players must submit their WAX wallet and game account, and undergo anti-bot verification. 

The tournament will require ownership of three in-game NFT, an avatar, a minion, and a weapon. Players must connect their NFT for each 60-minute active play session. Players will receive the final ranking after the tournament ends, and will then receive their share of the prize pool. 

The first prize will be 200K TLM, and the second-best player will receive 100K TLM. The in-game token trades at $0.00013, limiting the potential to cash out. TLM can also be used to acquire more NFT or upgrade their cards.

Alien Worlds will track for botting and leaderboard collusion or other unauthorized agreements. The tournament is not restricted specifically by country, as all players can own a WAX account and wallet.

Alien Worlds Remains Top Web3 Game

Alien Worlds is one of the top games, due to its high-level activity on the WAX blockchain. The game easily invites more than 200K players per day and its leadership in terms of daily engagement is rarely challenged. Alien Worlds is also among top projects on WAX, with about 10 times more players compared to smaller games. 

In addition to the special tournament, Alien Worlds is constantly generating mini-games lasting for a few minutes, and accessible by connecting with a wallet. Players can also use their Spacecraft NFT and join missions for idle play, which is a form of in-game resource gathering. 

Alien Worlds has multiple Web3 elements, including player organization by syndicates, as well as voting tools and elections for in-game planet leaders. Alien Worlds offers a mix of resource play, PvE and battle challenges, as well as building a space-themed metaverse.

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