Aqua Farm: NFT Whitelisting, Polygon Launch Coming Soon for New RPG

Aqua Farm is an upcoming P2E game on Polygon, with a free-to-play version and NFT collection coming soon.
  • Aqua Farm offers exclusive imaginary 3D art in 88 special edition NFTs for limited sale.
  • Aree characters can be leveled up and switch categories.
  • Players choose strategy based on body part statistics for battles.

Aqua Farm is one of the spring’s new offerings, a new RPG in an advanced state of completion. Aqua Farm has the advantage of a working free-to-play game, and will open up to the P2E model with a new NFT collection.

Aqua Farm has come out with an imaginative series of 3D art NFTs, starting with the minting of 88 exclusive historic items. The first 88 NFTs minted are truly historic, known as Banner of Commander. They were not awarded at random, but to the best contributors in the game’s Discord community.

The actual NFT sale is expected this April 5. Aqua Farm’s goal is to become “the most immersive” 3D RPG and token mining project. As such, Aqua Farm will compete with games like Mobox (MBOX) and Crabada (CRA). The arrival of a new game, breaking ground with its initial rewards and possibly higher P2E income, may bring new interest in tokenized gaming. 

Aqua Farm and its cute water fairies, or Aree art, is highly active on social media. The game follows the model of Axie Infinity in its promotion, potentially becoming one of the more visible P2E games. The game, however, still has only around 11,139 members on Discord, yet to catch up with the most visited and active blockchain games.

What Aqua Farm Offers

Aqua Farm admits it was inspired by Axie Infinity. It has its own set of playable characters, Aree, which can be upgraded and take part in competitions, similar to Axies.

Basic Aree from four classes are available in the free-to-play version. The game awards AES tokens, which can then be exchanged for special or unique NFT-based Aree. 

Aree have six body parts, assigned with various battle statistics, similar to Axies. So far, there is no data on AES token performance, and the pricing of NFT Aree will become clear after the initial mint. Aree can level up and add new class features – Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legend.

AquaFarm has already released one Historic NFT collection, though it has not taken off in popularity. Only 88 owners and 37 items have been listed on OpenSea, with no price discovery. The first Aree sale, which is now in its whitelisting period, will show what value the game can generate.

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