Arc8 by Gamee Offers Biggest Tournament Prize Pool

Season 4 has the biggest GMEE token prize pool so far, after distributing 2.25M GMEE in Season 3.
  • Free to start by scoring points in selected mini-games.
  • Arc8 is skills-based, with no luck element.
  • Arc8 aims to reach millions of players while offering NFT and GMEE earnings.

Arc8 is two days into its Season 4 event, supported by Web3 organizations to offer the biggest prize pool so far. The tournament season will distribute 2.5M GMEE tokens, currently valued at $0.014 per token. Season 3, which ended recently, distributed 2.25M GMEE. Arc8 is also gaining exposure as one of the games supported by Animoca Brands.

The event brought players back to Aarc8, making it one of the busiest games in the past seven days. 

Arc8 now carries 6.8K users in the past day, and is ranked fifth on Polygon, displacing previous leaders like Pegaxy. The game was also the second busiest on a weekly basis, catching up with the leader Sunflower Land. Arc8 grew to 22.8K players per week, while Season 4 was just starting out.

Arc8 Reaches Out by Multiple Mini Game Types

Arc8 through its free version also brings a potential P2E experience to millions of gamers. Arc8 offers a mixed e-sports experience with various tournament challenges. Season 4 is split into events based on the prize pool offered by partners, starting the TCP event. 

The Crypto Prophesies will distribute its native token in a special pool of $500K in value, running until August 15. The game’s popularity also boosts GMEE, which is now distributed across 24,288 addresses.

Acr8 also offers a challenge to win rare NFT by starting out for free. Scoring a minimum of 150K points on Solitaire Star will put players in the ranking to win TCP G-Bot Starter rare character. The top 20 are guaranteed an NFT, and another 50 players above the minimum points will have the chance of winning a rare Bot in a lucky draw.

Arc8 offers a mix of arcade games, runners, card games, puzzles, idle games and e-sports. Players can select which version to play, with the goal of coming ahead of their opponents. The most recently added game was Quibe, an idle puzzle that joined the game’s selection on August 4. The app is free to download and entering the tournament also does not require an initial purchase.

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