Top 5 Super Casual Games with Web3 Features for 2022

Super casual games offer an easy access to Web3 without excessive time investment or grinding.
  • Super casual games often come in a whole collection of mini-challenges.
  • Benji Bananas is one of the most high-profile Web3 games.
  • The arcade model helps with picking multiple engaging games, including Match-3.

Casual or super-casual games are one of the genres that are amenable to Web3 technologies. Some of those games can also become play-to-earn with relative ease, as they do not require excessive grinding to get results. Casual games are also well-known and have good acceptance as both free and pay-to-play features. 


Gameta attracted attention by becoming one of the top BNB Chain games, after migrating from Solana. The game offers an NFT side, as well as multiple free mini-games. The Gameta project is also trying to offer an easy on-ramp for players to try out the NFT features by renting.

Acr8 by Gamee

As its name suggests, Arc8 is a mix of arcade-style mini-games. The mix includes puzzles, matching games and small-scale e-sports simulators. Arc8 is built by GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. The project takes a game-first approach and aims to become a game hub for token issuers. This means Arc8 secures the games, and any tokenized project can run and sponsor a tournament.

Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas is a truly high-profile casual game, based on an already successful mobile app. Benji Bananas takes the endless runner game and adapts it to the Web3 space. Benji Bananas uses the model of limited tournaments with regular prize payouts. 


Ethlas uses the model of a multi-game hub to ensure it can reach the biggest number of players with varied demands. The game’s long-term plan is to build a metaverse with a building sandbox. In the short term, Ethlas has supplied mini-games, which are immediately available to play for free, as a gateway to the larger Ethlas metaverse. 

Diamond Match

Diamond Match is the immediately available game that uses one of the most engaging models, the match-3. Diamond Match has built its graphics for a high-gloss game, and offers an immediate start with no download. Diamond Match starts in the browser immediately and is free-to-earn. Diamond Match makes the simplest connection from Web2 to Web3 games, by allowing connection either with MetaMask wallet, or with existing social media accounts.

The label of “Web3” is often applied to games that are not over-emphasizing their crypto or blockchain involvement. Despite this, those games mix the existing infrastructure of mobile, desktop or browser games, adding NFT or tokens for a limited number of players.

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