Sunflower Land to Offer Small Farm Expansion

Sunflower Land aims to bring a new batch of players with a 1,000 NFT farm offer.
  • Discord users should use official channels to find the tools to mint a new farm.
  • SFL slips under $0.10 over the past week.
  • Sunflower Land team works on land expansion, and building placement mechanics.

Sunflower Land is offering 1,000 new farms to mint, after maxing out their initial limit of 150K farms. The limit was created to accommodate old players, as well as drive rounds of new game adoption. 

As with other NFT mints, Sunflower Land will ensure one farm per account, and the mint details will be available on the game’s discord channel.

The farm mint arrives at a time when Sunflower Land is going through peak performance on the Polygon network. Minting a farm incurs $5 fees paid in USDC on the Polygon network. 

Sunflower Land still holds 11.53K users per day, ranking as the third-busiest app on Polygon and the most played game. Some of the activity is related to the NFT contract for farms, which can change hands on OpenSea.

The game’s activity is based on the blockchain data, and does not compare with games that have a higher free player count. Sunflower Land is thus an indicator of a true play-to-earn game, where every interaction with a farm is recorded on the blockchain. 

Land Expansion the Next Hot Point for Sunflower Land

The most active development for Sunflower Land happens on land expansion and building placement. Farm Expansion will be a resource-intensive project that will also require some SFL tokens.

SFL currently trades at $0.09, though most of it is earned through the game and redirected to in-game purchases. The token price has been slowly deflating in the past three months, and is down from its higher range above $0.26.

Sunflower Land will also aim to introduce dynamic NFT for the playable characters. All upgrades will be immediately reflected in the character’s image and statistics when a resale is attempted on OpenSea. 

Farms currently hold a floor price under 0.01 ETH, with 256 ETH in value traded. Sunflower Land is not free to start but may be launched at a relatively low cost. The game is also tailored to players with some knowledge of crypto and the ability to acquire MATIC and USDC tokens on the Polygon network.

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