Are Goblin NFT Suggesting a New Game

Goblintown collection is one of the few NFT airdrops to expand trading on OpenSea to 6 ETH floor price and rising.
  • Goblintown resales reach 1,000 ETH per day.
  • Beware copycat collections and potential fake airdrops.
  • Goblin NFT trade for 5 ETH on average.

The Goblintown NFT collection keeps sparking rumors that there may be a bigger purpose behind this airdrop. The collection has deceptively haphazard art, which suggests significant work done to build up its look. 

The biggest telling sign for Goblins is that Yuga Labs has been completely silent on its rumored authorship. Yuga Labs, known for its Bored Ape collection, is also planning to expand into P2E games, starting with Otherside Meta. Yuga Labs has attempted to bring anonymity to the NFT space, though the project’s founders were doxxed due to reporting requirements. So far, little is kno

Additionally, the team preserved a significant Goblin stash for themselves, raising questions on why they need those NFT.

Another rumor suggests Goblintown may be preparing a game, but not connected to Yuga Labs. instead, the game is being developed by the Pixelmon team. Pixelmon was notorious for creating possibly the worst pixel art in NFT space, later remaking the collection to modest success.

Selling the Goblins outright would also break the rising trend. Goblins are one of the few collections trending upward right now, with more than 1,000 ETH in daily trades and above 5 ETH average NFT price and a 6 ETH floor price. 

Copycat Projects Aim for Goblin Glory

The Goblintown project remains heavy on the nasty humor, and recently had an enemy, Ogrevillage. There is nothing to link the collections except for copying the initial success of Goblintown. 

Unlike Goblintown, Ogrevillage and other copycat goblin art is not represented on OpenSea and has almost no trading success. It is best to be aware that any new free mints promised may be an attack vector to drain wallets, so even out of curiosity, always use a new empty wallet and do not reuse it afterward.

So far, Peck Alert only intercepted one fake Goblintown mint address. Other mints seem legitimate, but may not hold the same value. 

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