Otherside Meta: What This Metaverse Game Offers for NFT Owners

Otherside Meta is in early development, currently offering early access to dynamic NFT items for metaverse land plots.
  • Otherside Meta sells 200K NFT with dynamic features to build a highly imaginative metaverse world.
  • APE turns into P2E token as Yuga Labs turns to games.
  • Otherdeed gives ownership rights, high demand lifted floor price to 3.6 ETH.

Otherside Meta is just starting out, offering exclusive early access to owners from several high-end NFT collections. Otherside Meta attracted attention while running a competitive, crowded airdrop for 200,000 NFT metaverse land plots. The plots, set aside for NFT owners from Bored Ape Yacht Club, will be part of the upcoming metaverse game. 

What’s in Otherside Meta

Otherside Meta offers a highly imaginative metaverse with five diverse regions. Each has its own biomes, items and resources. Otherside also contains the Koda creatures, alien hybrids with affinity to the biomes. 

Owning Land on Otherside Meta

Owning an Otherdeed, or access to digital land, is more like owning a simulated farm. The metaverse land plot NFT is not just a static area of the map. 

First, there are five tiers of land to choose from – Biogenic Swamp, Chemical Goo, Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse. Each type of zone sediment contains a different mix of resources and rare items, as well as Koda creatures with surprising effects. 

Otherside Meta thus offers the first of their kind dynamic NFTs, with multiple elements related to potential rewards and game productivity. Land owners see their unique artifacts and potential resources, and will be part of the upcoming metaverse with special events, tests and builds.

Otherdeed for the game are already trading on OpenSea, with a floor price of 3.68 ETH. The game also accepted ApeCoin (APE) for early initial land ownership. 

What APE Promises

APE may turn out to work as a P2E token, as the BAYC collection and the ApeCoin project plan to expand with new use cases. YugaLabs is one of the most influential NFT startups, relying on high liquidity and significant financing to gain a high-visibility profile. 

The APE ecosystem is not a grass-roots P2E startup such as Sunflower Land or even Pegaxy. The barrier to entry are high-priced NFTs. But APE may also give access to some of the games, at a much lower price of $15.41 per coin. 

For now, Otherside Meta offers little more than an NFT marketplace, and the game is in early development. This leaves all Otherdeed receivers or buyers in a position to hold until the launch to see the utility of their items.

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