Goblintown NFT Collection: Did the Market Reach Peak Absurdity

Goblintown is taking over Twitter with goblin noises and anonymous artist mystery.

Possibly the ugliest NFT collection: is this a joke or a deliberate trick?

Absurdity, goblin noises and bad art bring 2 ETH floor price and revive NFT hype.

Beware scams promising free Goblintown mints from copycat sites.

Goblintown is the new trending NFT collection, with a fully nonsensical communication. The art, obviously pointing to the current state of the crypto market, is nothing short of obnoxious. Goblintown will outdo even Bored Apes, which seem tame by comparison. 

Just like other hot NFT collections, Goblintown will not let its absurdity stop willing buyers. Just days after its launch, Goblintown traded 8.9K ETH for a floor price of 2.09 ETH. 

The secret sauce to Goblintown’s fame is its tiered sale mechanism, which sparked FOMO to get the items at a lower price. Later, when the hype subsides, Goblintown may go to the goblins, but at least in its initial stages, the collection has all the chances to line up as the top overhyped sale in NFT space. 

Goblintown does not promise a game so far, though it is difficult to predict the team’s intention. The haphazard style of the illustrations is deceiving, and there may be more coming after the high-profile launch. 

The project’s team and goals remain mysterious, but Goblintown shows the NFT craze can be reawakened with the right tools and see floor prices and sales reach new highs.


There are speculations Goblintown is the creation of animator Mike Judge, the one behind the Beavis and Butthead cartoons. The project’s Twitter handle spoke out in an inconclusive way whether this was the mind behind the Goblins collection. 

Goblintown is quite busy on social media, in its incomprehensible style. At this point, the sales are legitimate, though the project makes fun of crypto and NFT space. But the project also managed its mint well and offers a highly crafted website. The Goblin NFT are also deceptively simple, but actually unique and creative.

Beware Goblintown Scams

As with other popular projects, Goblintown is causing scammers to seek easy gains. Copycat sites invite potential buyers to connect their wallet and receive an exclusive airdrop. 

The best approach is to only use the official links or the verified OpenSea sales for this collection. Goblintown is already past its initial free mint, and now new Goblins or resales command a much higher price.

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