Axie Infinity Passes Google App Store Review

Axie Infinity still draws in players to its free version, but aims to encourage NFT holding for the long term.
  • Axie Infinity will start a soft launch, with a non-tokenized app version.
  • The game will offer the Origins update and possibly add some forms of ownership.
  • Axie Raylights releases achievement points, exclusive seasonal crystal and plant additions.

One of the most popular P2E and Web3 games, Axie Infinity, may gain additional popularity and a worldwide audience. Axie Infinity announced it has passed Google App Store Review for its long-running free-to-play mobile app. Axie Infinity reinvented its game from the initial grind for SLP tokens to a tournament app with the potential for e-sports competitions. Currently, the Ronin wallet, the main point of access to the project, is live on Google Play.

The app to be offered will be the Origins version of the game, and Sky Mavis will have a soft launch with a gradual unroll of access, starting with Malaysia. 

Origins on Google App Store started with the explicit ban on earning tokens, which was a prerequisite for listing. Other P2E games that arrived after Axie Infinity had a listing, but the notoriety of Axie Infinity worked as an obstacle to joining the app store. 

However, Sky Mavis will try to add play-to-own features for Lunacia and building, after assuring the game store that the items are not used for illegal trading or speculation. 

The launch arrives between seasons, where Axie activity has fallen to around 10K daily players, resellers or other users of smart contracts. Players can still choose to get a free Axie team, with no need to own NFT.

Raylights Game Now Updated with Achievement Points

Raylights, the mini-game of crop raising and farming, turned into one of the most successful partner additions to the Axie universe. 

Now, Raylights reached another milestone, with an update to assign achievement points. Raylights aims to be an entertaining game with no P2E balance.

Raylights will offer players a series of milestones and achievements tied to specific crops and goals. 

The Achievement points system starts with 24 tasks, tied to plants, land and planting patterns. Some of the achievements will gain additional tiers. From December 23 to January 6, a new mineral can be found by Axies. When planted, it will produce a new type of plant to make land plots stand out. The game will add five more seasonal plants.

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