Axie Infinity Unveils Mini-Game, Adds Value with Stickers

Axie Infinity aims to bring more mini-games to make its metaverse side more active.
  • Sky Mavis aims to partner for multiple mini-games in the Lunacia metaverse.
  • The game is halfway through the first Origins season, with around 20K daily players.
  • AXS slides to $10.49 after latest market crash.

Axie Infinity unveiled the first of its previously promised mini-games, with early access for land owners. The game is part of the Lunacia metaverse, and may set the pace for other teams to build games and experiences in the open world.

The Raylights mini-game is an idle exploration and mini-farming and decoration app. Any owned Axie NFT can be used in the game, with the goal of planting crystals, cultivating plants and discovering recipes as the game grows in complexity. The game is developed in a partnership of Sky Mavis and the Finnish game studio, Quicksave Interactive.

Axie Infinity has been active in branching out beyond its idle game and the regular tournament seasons. Breeding and NFT resale continue, with rare Axies still highly valuable. Land is the other source of earnings by passive income. Axie stickers also add value to the game. 

Axie Infinity Halfway Through Origins Season

Axie Infinity is in the middle of its Origins Season 1, and player count is stalling. The game is now out of the top 10 of the busiest P2E games, with 19.23K players per day. Even the speed and ease of the Ronin network cannot compete with games using WAX or WEMIX, which are currently the most tracked projects. 

Despite this, Axie Infinity remains a high-profile game with a strong community. The game is further helped by streamers and the graduates of the Sky Mavis content creation academy.

The game is also facing the slide of its native token, AXS. The asset expanded its losses to $10.49, after remaining above $12 for weeks. AXS levels are affecting the gains of land owners, especially Genesis metaverse plot owners. 

SLP also threatens to slide to a much lower level, currently trading at $0.0031. SLP has more importance for breeding, as players now compete for the end-of-season prize pool distribution. The low token valuations are making Axie Infinity reinvent its model, similar to other P2E games that want to transform into Web3 ownership hubs.

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