Axie Infinity Offers New Rare Items for Axie NFT Burn

Axie Infinity seeks new tools for engagement and value after AXS sank under $7.
  • Axie Infinity reinvents itself as a tournament e-sports game.
  • Releasing Axies removes them from the supply and from competitions.
  • Players are receiving their first Accessories with cosmetic effects.

Axie Infinity is once again encouraging the “release” of Axies, which means the NFT are no longer playable. This time, players can release some of their NFT in exchange for special items. Releasing Axies has been used as a tool to decrease supply and allows players to receive more value in exchange for not so rare and powerful Axies.

Accessories with a special winter theme add character to the game, and will be visible in arena battles, though only with cosmetic effect. Players are releasing as many as 20 Axies per account, with the first accessories already distributed.

Axie Infinity is one of the games to undergo a transformation, surviving the losses from its P2E model. The game has continued to encourage creators and organizes regular tournaments with prizes. The e-sports side of Axie Infinity brings live players to special events. Seasons remain the biggest events, and the game is now preparing for Origins Season 2. 

Axie Infinity Tries to Retain Players with E-Sports, Mini Games

Axie Infinity invites 10.55K players, after being out of the top 10 ranking for months. Despite this, the project remains high-profile and has not lost its community. Axie Infinity also lent its model to multiple smaller P2E games, which could not reinvent its success model.

The game also notes adoption of its Raylights game, one of the first mini-games by an independent team. Raylights sees players bring their mini-plots to life with special flowers and crops. 

Axie Infinity still relies on its free game for the bulk of events, and no longer achieves the extremely high valuations for Land and Axies. 

The game is also slow with the adoption of land-based gameplay, where plots will have more functions and buildings. For now, land plots are a source of AXS passive income, with only the holders of Genesis plots or rarer ones having a more significant share of earnings. 

AXS trades at $6.89, losing another 50% in the past few weeks of the bear market, and pushing the game to discover more sources of value.

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