Axie Infinity Prepares for Origin Battles V3 Update

Axie Infinity (AXS) heads for the Origin update in Q2, 2022. Season 20 will last for six weeks until March 22.

Axie Infinity is preparing for a new type of gaming experience in the coming months, with the Battles V3 update. The announcement arrived just days after the launch of Season 20 with new tokenomics and reward structure this February 9. 

Season 20 will last until March 22, followed by the usual off-season period of a few weeks. This time, no token rewards will go to PvE players to discourage bots from minting too much SLP. Players with Axies having breeding value below 800 points will receive additional SLP.

The new Origin update will change the face of the Axie Infinity game, including graphics, mechanics, statistics and game mode. To onboard more players, Axie Infinity will also offer a form of free-to-play, with a starter team of 3 Axie playable characters.

There is no exact time frame on the updates, and the team has warned the idea is to start the release process after the end of March. The final form of the game’s new version may change and achieve slightly different goals.

Axie Infinity Assets Still Depressed

The Origin update arrived at a time when the AXS and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) are still looking shaky. AXS sank to $56.78 after holding up above $64 for a few days. 

SLP returned to $0.029, still keeping some of the gains after revisiting $0.04. At this point, it is hard to say if SLP is rising because of the new reward schedule and potential future scarcity, or because of a short-term pump. Despite the setbacks, SLP remains hot, especially in markets where Axie Infinity is played as a source of crypto-based income.

SLP also became the second most traded token on the Binance exchange, outcompeted only by the Bitcoin (BTC) trading pairs. SLP makes up nearly 1% of activity on Binance, with nearly $2B in daily trading activity.

RON, the native asset of the Ronin network, has traded since January 28. Currently, RON trades at $2.48, down from a recent hike above $3. The Katana exchange, where RON is chiefly traded, reached volumes of $4.6M in 24 hours.

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