Axie Infinity: Personalized Invitation Codes, Runes and Charms as NFT

Axie Infinity tries to offer perks to the community and content creators.
  • Axie Infinity tries to re-grow user base, preparing for full Origin global release.
  • Charms and Runes to be wrapped as NFT on the Ronin blockchain.
  • AxieCon coming this September in Barcelona.

Axie Infinity will add small tweaks to grow engagement while still waiting for the global Origin launch later this year. For now, the first change is personalized invitation codes, to match the brands of influencers and help reach new players.

Currently, Axie is struggling to remain in the top 10 blockchain games, fluctuating between 30K and 50K registered players. There are more players on the free version, but Axie trading and breeding is still highly active and produces a significant user count based on smart contract usage. 

Axie Infinity registers 33.56K players currently, with a recent peak above 55K players. The count is still down from the 3M peak in the summer of 2021, pinning even more hope on Origin to trigger the return of the game. 

The hype for Axie Infinity may also increase leading up to the planned meetup in Barcelona this September.

Registrations are open for special events and tournaments. 

How is the Game Balance Doing

Axie Infinity has stopped awarding SLP, though there is still some increase in token minting. At the same time, the recent breeding event is using up some of the supply of SLP.

The token is still trading at an extremely low range of $0.005, far from the peak of $0.33 in the summer of 2021. The game is now looking for better types of rewards, finding value in Axie rarity. AXS, the game’s staking and voting token, recovered to $16.26, granting higher earnings for land staking.

One of the new types of NFT to be minted and traded will be the Runes and Charms items. Introduced recently, those items were initially limited to in-game usage.

Runes and Charms will be wrapped as Ronin network ERC-1155 tokens, the standard for NFT. This will allow the movement of items between accounts in accordance with the game’s rules, as well as renewed market activity.

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