Battle Saga Prepares for Public Test Version

Battle Saga will offer three types of NFT, with the home base needed to start and earn from the game.
  • Battle Saga is a strategic defense game, with multiple peaceful and competitive modes.
  • The game is now in closed testing, to release open test version soon.
  • Battle Saga offers passive earnings opportunities, as well as challenges and tournaments.

Battle Saga is offering a strategic metaverse game, with a grid-like world and a potential for passive income. Battle Saga is also recruiting early testers, and may offer open testing soon.

Until recently, Battle Saga testing was by invitation only. Battle Saga aims to repeat the success of games like the Clash of Clans, but with added GameFi functions. Ownership of the game’s NFT and tokens will translate into passive income, even when players are not actively exploring the world.

Battle Saga Offers Strategic Defense Gameplay

The main gameplay of Battle Saga resembles tower defense games such as Legends of Mitra. Players must face off waves of enemies in a dynamic offense, while pre-selecting their defenses to survive the damage and turn the tides.

Battle Saga will combine a homestead structure with a wave of attacks, and has already showcased some of its attack scenes.

Battle Saga goes beyond the playing field for attacks, and offers the entire Sagaverse to gain resources and socialize. Players own the land, as well as the avatars, and can also build halls, production centers and venues for socializing. 

Battle Saga Prepares Three Types of NFT

Battle Saga will use Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap for its liquidity. But the game’s goal is to be fun-first, repeating the success of Clash of Clans. In addition to the game’s lore and challenges, Battle Saga appeared during the P2E boom, also trying to build a sustainable game that did not deplete its economy. 

Battle Saga is a relatively late arrival, delaying its playable version until 2023. The game will sell three types of NFT – Heroes, land plots, and home bases, the latter being necessary to join the game. 

The goal of Battle Saga is to also earn BTL tokens, for which there are several options. Players will join leaderboards for their building efforts, but also face wars and tournaments. NFT owners can also rent their troops for a 10% fee. Players can also attack each others in a Wager Match, where the prize earned will be sustainable.

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