Battle Saga: Another Hot Game Offering Play-And-Earn with No Upfront Buying

Battle Saga has three types of NFT and a high-yield staking option for BTL tokens.
  • Battle Saga is a play-without-paying game with optional tokenization and NFT.
  • Players can own a home base, land and Heroes as NFT on Binance Smart Chain.
  • The game boasts more than 30K participants on Discord and offers a downloadable beta.

Battle Saga is one of the trending Web3 games, enjoyed for offering the option of a free start and earning valuables as the game progresses. Battle Saga advertises itself as a next generation game, with no requirement to invest in NFT or tokens. 

The game offers earn-without-playing mode, meaning some of the rewards can be acquired for encampments and building in the metaverse, a form of pre-game or idle mode, with no need to enter battles.

The game is available for download as an open beta version, and its assets can be acquired on the open market as needed. Battle Saga is now at the stage of popularizing its gameplay and building up its player base.

The game’s goal is to build bases, train troops and battle other teams. Troops are also a game resource and can be trained for resale. Players can also loot other home bases, or mount a defense of their own camp.

The game has three types of assets that can also be wrapped as NFT – home base, land, and playable Heroes. The Land allows for additional structures – shops, halls, and other venues to gather players. 

The goal of Battle Saga is to also exist as a metaverse game, allowing players to organize events and even build mini-games.

The exact player count of Battle Saga remains untracked, as not all game interactions depend on blockchain usage. Battle Saga started out on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the best-known and relatively liquid blockchains. 

Battle Saga Token Offers Staking

In addition to starting out as a free game, Battle Saga issues the BTL token, a native asset that launched at the end of 2021. BTL, like other gaming tokens, has been sliding over time, to a current range of $0.00099. The game also offers an inflationary token, GOLD, to be used within the game for upgrades and other tasks.

BTL is still only available as a single pair on PancakeSwap, and may depend on voluntary liquidity. Despite this, earning BTL for free may also give staking rights, as well as DAO voting rights. 

BTL tokens promise extremely high staking rewards with up to 500% annualized return. The token is still illiquid and risky.

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